OpenCart v3.6 Chinese Professional Edition Features

01/01/2018 Admin

What is OpenCart Chinese Professional Edition

OpenCart Chinese Professional Edition refers to the combination of the current common website and WeChat online store, which can solve the data intercommunication between mobile users and PC users. Shopkeepers can manage micro-stores and website merchandise in a single background, and orders placed on users on WeChat can also be seen on the website. Added WeChat payment method: support micro payment and Alipay payment. Features in the solution include all features of opencart Chinese Pro + micro store features.

Main features of OpenCart Chinese Professional Edition

The main function

Language pack upgrade, free conversion in 8 languages (Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, French, etc.)

Product collection, support 8 platform commodity collection (Jingdong, Tmall, Taobao, 1688, etc.)

Automatic translation of product language

New type (sub-product)

Product batch import/export

Up to 56 payment methods for users in foreign countries to choose to configure

SMS integration 5 platforms (Alibaba Cloud SMS, C123, Mutual Wireless, Nexmo, Cloud)

Delivery management

Batch import of express information

Spike function

Flex Shipping delivery method


Background weak password check (alphabet case)

Add export CSV function to each report

Add custom merchandise modules

Customer profile export CSV

Provincial and city sorting

Geocoding latitude and longitude

Virtual currency payment

Third-party login registration binds old users

Chinese provinces, local cities and localization

Batch modify product information in the background

Background users set different display languages


  • Add a product subtitle
  • Blog add related products
  • Phone number Country area code separate field
  • Add cost price to product list, order item table
  • Mobile phone template background custom color matching
  • Alliance member commission price can be set according to different products
  • Third-party mail service integration
  • Image watermark
  • Simplified language installation